In this episode of the podcast, I have a conversation with Wala Loubani to explore the meaning of difference and how being unique can lead to success. Wala shares how she left Google to find balance while parenting and working remotely on a startup. We discuss the power of choice, unlocking talent, receiving and responding...
This is an episode you’re going to want to listen to a few times as there are so many nuggets of wisdom here. I had a conversation with Brendan Kumarasamy about the power of communication, public speaking and how to gain clarity in life. Here are some of the key highlights: how to become top...
Joe Templin is a human Kaizen expert. We had an amazing conversation about how to stay productive, building small success habits, and how our thoughts influence our environment. There’s so much gold packed away in this episode!
Entrepreneurs are not generally known for taking time for their own well-being and fitness. On this episode with Sartre Jean-Gilles, we discuss the benefits of movement and exercise on productivity. This is a great episode to plug into while you’re working out 🙂
Another great conversation with a remarkable entrepreneur. Mark Podolsky, the author of Dirt Rich and founder of The Land Geek, shares some amazing stories about how built wealth through land acquisitions. We talk about mindset, investing, and also a bit about rap music. Great episode overall!
I had a wonderful conversation with Christine Fuchs regarding burnout, yoga, and self-discovery. Christine Fuchs is a 52 year old who had a journey of self-discovery beginning at the age of 38. Christine was in the financial industry and was feeling the stress of it and was noticing physical symptoms. She stumbled upon a yoga...
It’s always great to catch up with a friend. On this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Steffi Black about all things energy, routines and we get a bit woo woo. Steffi Black discusses her daily rituals for creating good energy, which involve listening to uplifting music, doing Qi Gong, and meditating in nature....
I really enjoyed this conversation with Jay Vidyarthi. Jay Vidyarthi is an entrepreneur, mindfulness coach, and father who founded the world’s first design studio that focuses on mindfulness, compassion, and wellbeing. After initially becoming interested in mindfulness through his parents and experiences playing music, Jay further solidified his interest after watching a documentary about how...
I had wonderful conversation with Tim Calise about all things entrepreneurship and turning chaos into order. Some of the topics we discussed include: Tim’s journey into entrepreneurship Imposter syndrome The art and science of growing a million dollar business Mental health for high-performers How to build a personal brand with authenticity Challenges of working from...
On this episode, I have an amazing conversation with William Brandum, a retired Navy SEAL. You don’t want to miss the gold nuggets he shares with us!

Amin Ahmed


Amin Ahmed, educated as an engineer, was earning a multiple 6-figure income at his day job and still felt depleted. He was overweight, overworked, and overwhelmed.

He knew there had to be more. He decided that he wanted to be healthy AND be wealthy at the same time. Amin is devoted to living a life of fulfillment and helping his clients do the same


Amin leads technical and marketing as co-creator of Remarkable Branding. His expertise is in digital marketing with a focus on execution of strategy in web development, interpreting analytics, and online community development.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, he brings experience working with clients from around the world