In this episode we discuss:

  • The temptation to overwork as an entrepreneur and why it leads to burnout
  • Pros of strategic extra work time (efficiency, avoiding Monday scramble)
  • Cons of no work/life balance (no time to recharge, neglected relationships)
  • Tips for finding balance:
  • Block off recharge time on your calendar
  • Set boundaries around your workday
  • Communicate your schedule with family
  • Make relaxing time really count
  • Listen to your mind/body and don’t be afraid to say no

Key Quotes:

“Constant busy-ness will inevitably lead to burnout.”

“Your calendar is your best friend.”

“When you are relaxing, you’re doing something that’s fun.”

“Listen to your mind and body and not be afraid to say no to extra work in order to refuel.”

“You’ll return much more refreshed and motivated.”

Actionable Insights:

  • Use your calendar proactively to schedule in fun recharging activities
  • Set clear workday boundaries and communicate with loved ones
  • Make relaxing activities truly immersive experiences
  • Don’t feel guilty about turning down extra work to focus on yourself