Ever wondered how a high-flying entrepreneur ended up trading the bustling life of UK for the tranquil setting of Peru? Meet Michael Thornhill, a man whose story of personal transformation is both gripping and inspiring. Michael will take us through his life’s journey, from running a successful recruitment firm in the UK to living amidst nature in the Peruvian mountains. As he narrates his struggle with depression, anxiety, and addiction, he gives us a raw look at how he found solace in spiritual awakening, meditation, and plant medicine, specifically ayahuasca.

Michael offers an insightful look at workaholism, a silent destroyer of mental health that he personally combated. He opens up about how stepping away from his work forced him to confront uncomfortable feelings he’d been neglecting, and sparked his journey of healing and self-discovery. Through his narration, we learn about the importance of disconnecting from the grind, taking micro-breaks, and indulging in mindful activities to maintain sustainable energy and focus. Hear about Michael’s shift to Peru, which gave him a chance to reconnect with nature and draw inspiration from the magnificent Andean landscapes.

Finally, we venture into the teachings of non-duality and their critical role in Michael’s work at Casa Galactica, a center for plant medicine healing. We’ll explore how uncovering personal truths can guide us in creating fulfilling structures that transcend limits. Learn from Michael and his wife’s experiences as they redefine traditional practices and how finding your passion, coupled with the right resources, can expedite personal growth. This episode is a celebration of community, personal growth, and audacious steps toward wellness. Join us for this riveting conversation with Michael Thornhill.